Help for Tutor

to join us as tutor use Registration Form.

that is better to make your advertisement outstanding to help students understand your tutoring methods.
you can select as many as your like subjects to teach.
It is not necessary but it can be required if student asks.
It is FREE to register and you can get student . for upgrades there is a payment, and you can check in your main menu after login.
You can update your advertisement after login and update my details.
If you are planning to teach children you need to have working with children check. please check current requirements - Working With Children.
You can login into your account, and navigate to update details. in first page there is an option to deactivate your account. If your account is deactivated, you will not appear on any search.

Note: archived account will be deleted automatically after one year.

Help for Student

  • Select a criteria in search page.
  • Click on Search .
once you find your tutor in list. you can click on contact tutor. if tutor is upgraded we show you his/her contact details, otherwise you need to get subscription to contact as many as tutors you want.
when you specify your max availe time.
  • Tutor will recieve a message.
  • if your free time match tutor's free time. he will come back to you.
  • Tutor will contact you via mobile or email

If you did not hear anything from tutor, try other tutor.